An Overview of Mailbase

What is Mailbase?

Mailbase is a service which runs electronic discussion lists for the UK higher education and research community.

Getting Help

  • Documents
    You can look at our extensive documentation, which is available on the web, via email or on paper.
  • List owners
    Every Mailbase list has a list owner who will tell you more about their list.
  • Helpline
    The Mailbase helpline will answer any queries or questions you have about Mailbase. We receive and answer about 300 messages from our users every week.
  • The Mailbase team

    Mailbase has a small dedicated team who are responsible for:

    • System development and administration
    • Running a large dedicated email system
    • Maintaining a website with over 200,000 distinct webpages
    • Looking after a database which holds details of all our lists and list members
    • Running a helpline and writing documentation to help our users
    • Giving workshops and presentations around the country
    • Continually improving and updating our service

Our discussion lists cover a vast range of topics, including cognitive psychology, HE admin, semi-group theory, musicology, physiotherapy, 18th century Scottish literature, nutrition and fish diseases. And if we don’t have a discussion list which interests you, we could help you set one up!


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